Bodhih LMS is meant to simplify the learning experience.

We create brand new corporate identities


Use it to Learn/Facilitate courses or training programs.


It helps Facilitators organize courses (create, edit, assign to Learners, etc.)


Translates to the device/software used.

Build better LMS a lot quicker with Bodhih

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Our services

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    Technology Support

    Concerned about functional or technological issues? We offer a wide range of services to support your organization and ensure you face zero to limited glitches. Bodhih’s LMS service model is fully flexible to meet your organization’s changing needs and curtail downtime. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure smooth functioning and management of the platform, its routine administrative support, and resource management. We truly believe your success is our success and provide you with excellent, uninterrupted support and services to drive success.

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    Content Services

    Making online learning and teaching effective for everyone, our team of experts can assist you in not just managing your content but also provide diverse services related to custom design concepts, eLearning template creation, content migration, development, publishing, and analyzing it for effective learning.
    Content management is made simpler with the Learning Management System. Your LMS allows you to decide who obtains access and to which courses and lets you create notifications and reminders to take the courses.
    Development, delivery, and management of content is an enormous part of an organization and its training responsibilities. LMS makes these aspects swift, cost-effective, reliable and efficient. Bodhih’s LMS provides a compact base for content services that support your learning initiatives.

  • 3.

    Admin Management

    A Learning Management System’s Administrator deals with multiple tasks on a regular basis, right from the documentation, reporting, adding of users, defining user roles, building custom certifications to creating of training calendars. Bodhih’s LMS helps you complete these activities with ease while ensuring the accuracy of the report is given the highest priority.
    Give your Admin the power of time by letting LMS handle your recurring tasks.

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